Cannabis honey | You did not know that yet!

What luck they still exist, our dear bees, whose honey is so good and healing for us.
From the mild, Liquid pale yellow acacia honey to the pleasantly spicy, dark brown forest honey, the industrious insects spoil us with their delicious nectar.
But bees can also be different: He is on everyone's lips. Cannabis here hemp da - not for the deep relaxation with Joint - but as a healing plant with countless facets even as a honey.

A French beekeeper, an urban lover of nature before the Lord, has been fond of insects since childhood, especially bees, so that they can extract honey from the marijuana plant. Nobody can resist his "Cannahonney", this delicious and healing nectar. However, it does not reveal its special kind of honey production. But he is convinced that everything that happens to the bee's body leaves the bee in a higher quality condition. Because the nectar contains the much sought-after antimycotic, antibacterial and antiseptic propolis (resinous stuffing Wax of bees during honeycomb construction). This combined with the relaxing effects of cannabis resin, is the pure health injection.

Honey with hemp oil

In Austria, delicious beekeeper honey is stirred with hemp flower oil (Cannabis Sativa) creamy and offered with great success.
In the honey, the valuable ingredients are better transported and thus increase their bioavailability. studies have shown that the combination of honey and hemp is 20 times more effective than pure CBD oil.
Honey's taking helps the organism to detoxify better with hemp oil and also strengthens the immune system.

What to consider

In the meantime, more than 480 ingredients that are beneficial to humans have been found in the hemp plant. We should therefore pay more attention to it, particularly in the medical field. Among the most important substances are aldehydes (aromatic substances), amino acids (building blocks of peptides and proteins) and essential oils, cannabinoids, flavanoids (secondary plant substances with antioxidant effect), hydrocarbons (hydrocarbons for organic synthesis), vitamins and proteins.
Thus the synthesis of CBD / cannabidiol together with honey is unbeatable in its unique mode of action through the ingredients in the honey such as propolis, pollen, royal jelly and wax as well as the countless active ingredients of the hemp plant in the healing application and prevention.

CBD hemp , CBD hash, CBD grass and Cannabis Wax are not yet able to fall back on any study results but only on individual experience reports. However, as these contain only low THC values and are pesticide-free, these products can be recommended to a limited extent from the age of 18.

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